In my last post I explained that I wanted to move into this year by doing things that are life-giving. In order to do that, I first needed to explore my heart and passions a bit to discover what those things are!

Growing up in Oklahoma, my family made annual road-trips to Casper, Wyoming and St. Louis, Missouri, where my grandparents lived. These destinations reflected the likes and passions of my parents – my father who loved the outdoors and my mother who loved the city. Growing up, I learned to love both and still do. I love living in a big multi-cultural and multi-ethnic city like Houston; its restaurants, coffee-shops, museums, ART, the people!  And I also love the big, beautiful outdoors of God’s creation, although it can be a little hard to enjoy at this time of year in Houston. LOL

In recent years, God has returned me to my love of poetry and writing. Years ago I practiced these for personal enjoyment, but left them behind only to access once in a while as I assisted my children in homeschooling and editing papers. Lately though, I’ve discovered that writing poetry gives me life, and helps to process difficult and painful emotions. Often, the poems begin as laments, but end with hope in His power and love.

The following poem was written about ten days before I felt impressed to start a blog. It references pearls from the deep, and expresses my hope that these words might reflect God’s love and touch your heart.

For all our days, in all the ways,

Your beauty fills the earth,

The skies above, the seas below,

give glory of new birth.

Mysterious times of suffering mine,

the pain oft overwhelms,

But opening eyes, and ears that hear,

Your Presence deeper felt.

Pearls from the deep are gathered now,

no other way to know,

Your deepest love birthed in my heart,

in brokenness doth glow.

A vessel filled of purest spring,

Eternal love and light,

live in me now and pour forth love,

to others craving light.

~ Trish




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